We not only teach you how to act, but we also teach you how to audition, master improv, all about headshots and resumes, how to get the role and bring your best out in a scene, how to get an agent and submit your headshot and resumes professionally, how to get more auditions, how to help your agent help you (if you don't already have one), and everything else you need to know to succeed as a professional actor! 

PERRIN STUDIOS is an acting school. We teach acting on camera for television and film through a natural approach. Training with us will  improve your skills for acting on camera, sharpen your auditioning skills for Film, TV, and Commercials, plus teach you all about the business of the business such as how to get the role and keep the professionals impressed once you have the role. You will also learn how to bring out the best in your scene, all about headshots and resumes, how to get more auditions, how to help your agent help you, how to get an agent (if you don't already have one), and so much more. We currently offer in-person and online classes. a



Weekly 55 minute PRIVATES

Image Consultation (upon request)

PRIVATES: LIVE ONLINE & IN PERSON ONE ON ONE SESSIONS Most of our students start out in acting classes, and advance to the MASTER'S PROGRAM after a few months. Our classes are a combination of online and in person. Our classes are all one on one private sessions and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. We meet one time per week for 55 minutes. Our students in our Master's Program also receive audition notices and prep for auditions outside of normal class time.

As one of the finest schools, PERRIN STUDIOS is known for assisting talent in launching an acting career from the ground up. PERRIN STUDIOS offers a complete source for actors and actresses. So, if you are looking for an acting school and wish to start your professional acting career in film, commercials, and television, start your registration process by sending your name and number, as well as your preferred day/time for class to perrin.studios@yahoo.com or text 214.356.1058.




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